26 Sep 19:49


Water needs for industry in Purwakarta will be fulfilled in the upcoming 2018. This can not be separated from the steps of Tirta Dharma Purwakarta Water Supply Company that pipes the water for 40 KM, starting from Ir H Djuanda Reservoir in Jatiluhur, to Cibatu Subdistrict, the border of Purwakarta Regency and Subang Regency. President Director of PDAM Tirta Dharma Dadang Saputra saidthat his company is speeding up the process of piping. The local company he leads has even targeted 34,000 new network installations. For the priority, he calls the center of focus on network development in Campaka, Bungursari and Cibatu districts. "The industry will soon be covered with this program. We have set a target of 34 thousand PDAM network installations, including for industry, "Dadang brief. Project activities worth Rp500 Billion is an impact of the Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi's regulation that prohibits the use of underground water for the industry. So far, the industrial sector in Purwakarta use underground water by digging artesian wells. This company policy impact on the dryness at the area around the company during the dry season arrived. "So industry and the society must use water from PDAM Purwakarta"said Dedi when contacted via telephone. Purwakarta's Government has allocated funds amounting to Rp250 Billion for the pipeline activities. The remaining funds amounting to Rp250 Billion, obtained from the assistance of relevant ministries. In addition to pipeline, the fund will be used to purchase a new water pump worth Rp33 billion. "Our water company is a bit troublesome. the Pump since 1980 Purwakarta PDAM stands, has never been replaced, "he added. After completion of this pipeline activities, strict sanctions has been prepared by Dedi for companies that do not use water from PDAM Purwakarta. "If the industry is still stubborn, we give sanctions," he concluded. (*)