26 Sep 19:56


Calm and peaceful atmosphere in the Regional Secretariat Complex Purwakarta District, Gandanegara Street No. 25 suddenly tense. The employees seemed to be running around to escape. A group of terrorists apparently managed to catch Purwakarta's regent Dedi Mulyadi on Thursday (31/8) this morning.

The terrorist group attacked Bale Nagri, where the men's office is now fond of wearing the black cap, the sound of gunfire coming from long-barreled weapons plus a blast of low-powered bombs managed to paralyze the officers of the Civil Service Police who were on guard.

Not only makes Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi a prisoner, the terrorist flock also asks for a ransom worth Rp100 Billion.

Mastery of vital access to government offices apparently did not last long. A total of 30 Special Forces from Kodam III Siliwangi from Battalion Yonif Raider 300 / Brawijaya were seen trying to paralyze the terrorist attack by using complete weapons and smoke bombs, they managed to get in and rescue after a shootout lasted for about 30 minutes.

The terrorist attack is only a simulation of the release of prisoners and a counter terrorist attack operation carried out by Special Forces from Kodam III Siliwangi.

The Commander of the Raider 300 / Brawijaya Battalion Major (Inf) Herry Indrianto said the troops he escorted were special forces dedicated to the release of key figures who were prisoners such as the President and Vice President.

"This is a simulation to improve the raider's ability in the release of important figures who become prisoners. Ordinary officials or even the President and Vice President, "he said.

Tensions seem to be felt personally by the Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. The reason, he did not know about the simulation time. He was surprised when the bullet whistle suddenly heard.

"It was chatting with staff, suddenly there was a gunshot, then I was ambushed by terrorists," he said.

As part of West Java residents, Nahdhatul Ulama Purwakarta figures were also grateful for West Java in particular and Indonesia in general far from potential armed conflict.

"I am grateful and proud, there is a TNI - POLRI that always keeps security. I cannot imagine if living in a conflict country, Indonesia is far from armed conflict, "he concluded. (*)