23 Aug 17:16


Mak Onih (70) resident of Kampung Rawa Salem RT 01/01 Wanakerta Village, Bungursari District, Purwakarta became the first one who use the ATM Rice facility launched by Purwakarta's Regency on Thursday (1/6) in the village.

 The old woman who had two children and two grandchildren looked confused standing right in front of the rice ATM  machine, she had just seen for the first time. Fortunately, the Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi helped the old woman enter the ATM card and Personal Identity Number (PIN) into the machine that has the most recent system in Indonesia.

 While guiding, the Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi asked the old woman about her daily life, how the she gets the rice and from where the money to buy the rice. "Thank God it's free, I ussualy gets raskin rice but now the prosperous rice from the village apparatus, the price is Rp2500 per liter, the money to buy sometimes from the child, sometimes there was gave by someone else, "said Mak Onih. Mak Onih is one of 46,582 people of Purwakarta recipient of prosperous rice. This amount is only less than 5% of the total population in Purwakarta. Realistic target has been carried by the Government of Purwakarta in the implementation of this ATM program that is the end of 2017 is expected no more Purwakarta residents who consume prosperous rice central government allotment distributed by the Agency of Logistics Affairs.

In addition, the existence of this rice ATM is also considered able to break the distribution chain of rice subdisi that often misused by unscrupulous village officials to make a profit. This disrespectful attitude has occurred in several villages in Purwakarta . Through ATM rice, rice flow scheme becomes very simple. Rice is collected by village officials from Purwakarta residents who have been able, then put into ATM rice with a capacity of 300 Kg. Then the less fortunate citizens, in this case the beneficiaries of the ration of prosperous rice, can directly come to the rice ATM. Once withdrawal they can get 3 Kg of rice, with a maximum quota of 15 kg of rice each month. "The data is well-systemized. Data entry and data out of rice that can be known in real time, "said Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi, Friday (2/6) when contacted. the beginning stage of this program, available 4 ATM rice spread in 4 villages covering Wanakerta Village, Dangdeur Village, Cibungur Village and Bungursari Village. All of them are located in Bungursari Purwakarta Subdistrict. (*)