26 Sep 19:49


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi and his entourage arrived in the Holy Land of Mecca, Tuesday (16/5) morning to run umroh worship. Dedi and his family in Masjid al Haram, after performing Shubuh Prayer in congregation through the Live feature on his Facebook account. In one of the live videos, Dedi reveals the meaning behind the series of Umroh worship that he went through with members of the group. Among them, he spoke related "Thawaf" that surrounds the Ka'ba 7 times.

In the impression that he can, tawaf is a symbol of the implementation of daily activities within a week of 7 days. While the left eye who saw the Ka'ba at the time of Thawaf according to him is the impression that life is centered on the one and only God namely Allah SWT. In the series Thawaf Dedi and entourage prefer to thawaf in the outer circle to provide opportunities to other people to be able to approach the Ka'ba and kiss the Black Stone.

In addition, as head of the entourage, this method was chosen by Dedi for other pilgrims not stepped on and its members did not scramble to kiss the black stone which according to information carried by the Prophet Adam AS from Heaven.

"For the lovers of Allah and His Messenger, that (kissing the Black Stone) does not matter. But the most important thing for us is our safety, "said Dedi through his Facebook account.

Dedi was also impressed with the ihram clothes he wore. According to him, the clothes are a reminder for anyone on death. That someday when died, humans will only be wrapped by a rough cloth without any jewelry.

The other Umrah steps is Sa'i also made Dedi impressed. As known, Sa'i is a small running activity from Shafa Hill to Marwa Hill, an activity that should not be done, should be done because it is a reflection of the struggle of Siti Hajar while looking for water for his son Ismail when abandoned by Prophet Ibrahim- Ismail's father-had to travel to Palestine.

"It's a symbol of a mother's struggle," Dedi said quietly, remembering his mother.

While Tahalul, the procession cut a small part of the hair, usually done after Sa'i. According to Dedi is a reflection that humans should not be complacent even worship crown himself. Impression in Tahalul according to him is that humans should always have humility in life. "Hair is the very top of the human self, to close this series of worship must be cut. It's a symbol of humility, "he concluded.

Not forgetting, the man who was undergoing a second term in Purwakarta is seen praying for all citizens of Purwakarta and West Java in particular and citizens of Indonesia in general.