27 Jun 17:25


The Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy issued a five-day school policy per eight hours of learning in a day. However, before the applcation, the policy stood by the Ministry and led by Muhammadiyah organizations will be able to strengthen the character of students, even reap the polemic.

Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi on Wednesday (14/6) also gave a response related to the policy. For Purwakarta, the enforcement of school for five days in a week has been implemented since 2012, even though it was only re-stamped in 2015. A unique theme was carried in every day through the 7 Days Program of Special Education. Senen Ajeg Nusantara, Salas Mapag Buana, Rebo Maneuh in Sunda, Kemis Nyanding Wawangi, Juma'ah Nyucikeun Diri and Saptu Minggu Betah di Imah is a theme that contains elements of education for students in Purwakarta. On Monday, students focused on nationalism, Tuesday focusing on world history, Wednesday is the education of local delights and wisdom, Thursday, students are taught about how to creativity, Friday's students focused on deepening their religious life, Respectively, while Saturday and Sunday they are educated at home by their own parents. "We do not have a problem, the five-day school policy has long been applied in Purwakarta," said Dedi at his official residence  at Gandanegara st no. 25, Purwakarta. In order for the students to go home earlier, the school entrance in Purwakarta was advanced to 06.00 am in the morning each day. It is also intended to educate students to get up early and on time to come to school. "There is no clash between the formal aspects of schooling and the cultural aspects of society. We are attending school at 6 am, "he said. The rules of education in Purwakarta itself has been poured in the Regent Regulation of Purwakarta no. 69 of 2015 on Character Education. Does not Disturb Religious Education. The discourse of the Minister of Education Muhajir Effendy to remove the subjects of Religious Education was also reaping the polemic from various parties. He intends to convert the value earned by students in Madrasah Diniyyah into the value of Religious Education subjects in formal schools. This step is considered difficult, because the enforcement of study for 8 hours in a day, the students will experience fatigue and stress when returning home and did not have time to attend the lessons in Madrasah Diniyyah which usually starts at 13:30 pm. However, the condition does not happen in Purwakarta, Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi since December 2016 has imposed the obligation to study the book of Religion based on Religion embraced by the students in Purwakarta. In fact, especially for Muslim students with the obligation to deepen of  Yellow book which contains the opinions and interpretations of the scholars about the practice of daily worship. Uniquely, this locally-charged program does not interfere the religious education subjects that are implemented in the official curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture. "In a week up to 15 hours of lessons. Everything is more applicative and applicability, such as Read Al Qur'an, to study the book of Religion in accordance with the religion held by students even to yellow book, it is implemented before students learn the lesson in the curriculum every day "added Dedi. In addition, every two times a month, students in Purwakarta are required to participate with their parents to work. The goal to make the students know the difficulties of their parents in making a living every day, so they will empathy. Output is Purwakarta's students avoid the attitude of lazy and spoiled. (*)