26 Sep 19:49


Construction of Cilodong Raya Mosque has entered the initial stage. Laying the first stone construction of the mosque has been done by the Chairman of the Central MUI Kiai Ma'ruf Amin on Friday (12/5) and through the Istighosah Kubro welcoming the holy month of Ramadan. The total land area of 9 hectares will be used for building a mosque of 5200 meters and an 1800 meter for  park. In the past, the area where the mosque is located Kampung Cilodong, is a place of prostitution that was successfully disciplined by Purwakarta regency through humanist approach. The head of the Spatial Planning and Settlement Office Aep Durrohman when questioned on Friday (19/5) in his office, on KK Singawinata st said it has set a target that the construction of the mosque will be completed in November 2017. "We are now entering in the early stages of development, the beginning of November this year we are targeting completion," said Aep. Building of mosque consisting of two floors and has a capacity of 2200 person is also based on lay out on the Office of Spatial Planning and Settlement, will be equipped with parks and fountains, as well as a large parking lot that can be used by large and small vehicles. Cilodong Raya Mosque is also known to carry the uniqueness of the region. This is evidenced by the form of a minaret tower similar to the skewer of maranggi, special food from Purwakarta. Library and Digital Museum was planned to be a supporting facility in the mosque whose construction cost of Rp38 billion. "We budgeted Rp38 billion. I hope this program run smoothly, "said Aep. Creation of a comfortable atmosphere in worship for the congregation becomes the orientation of this mosque construction. In addition, Cilodong Raya Mosque is expected to become one of the centers of spread of Islam in Purwakarta and surrounding areas. "We want the congregation to be comfortable in worship, can also be the center of Islamic propagation," said Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi in a separate place. (*)