26 Sep 19:57


Banner reads "Sepak bola Mati Suri Karena Budaya" is set in the advertisement character located in the intersection combro,Basuki Rahmat street Purwakarta. Banner pitched disappointment with the Purwakarta District Government is admittedly not installed by PSSI Purwakarta that handle Persipo team. Manager of Football Club Persipo Purwakarta, Lutfi Bamala Saturday (25/3) provides clarification related to it. He asserted that the banner is not from institutional. He guess the Persipo fans who made the banner. The man who is also the Chairman of the NGO Compact Purwakarta also asserts that Purwakarta's Government has been focused on the development of young players. The coaching has become one of the best in Indonesia. In fact, Purwakarta's Government supports the Persipo in live competition fully, said Luthfi. This was showed by the renovation process of Purnawarman Stadium on April and financial supported by the government to face the competition. Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi looks flat respond about these banners. According to him, it commonplace if he always accused that he was not caring about Purwakarta's football. Whereas the achievment can be seen.