23 Aug 17:07


Devina (25) difabel girl from Cinangka village, Bungursari, Purwakarta finally met Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi after he lost to Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi for looked for her father.

In today's meeting on Wednesday (5/4) at the official residence of the Regent of Purwakarta, Gandanegara st No 25, Devina did not expect to meet the number one figure in the Purwakarta. She also tells story about the death of her mother till 50 thousand which she used as a fee to looked for her father.

"My mom died when I was 6 years old and after that my father married with other woman. So, I lived with my grandma. After my grandma pass away, my aunt took care of me but my aunt always fighting with her husband. I'm so worry that can be happen because of me. That's why, I decided to looked for my father.  "said Devina.

The trip to finding father was not easy. She claimed that she had been raped by a stranger in mid-2010, while walking alone in the area of BIC Purwakarta.

Some of the demand expressed by the naive girl to the regent of Purwakarta. Such as, he wants to go to school and want to meet her father.

"I want to school and I want to be smart like other people. If it does not bother you, I also want to meet my father, "She sobbed.

This story made Purwakarta's regent cried. He looked called the head of Cinangka Village directly at that time to confirm the Devina's father last address. About school was also granted by Purwakarta's regent.  Dedi also gave a capital for Devina to open counter of pulse of Rp5 million.

Previously, Devina known lost on her way to find her father. She departed from Sadang Purwakarta to Kampung Rambutan terminal. After that, she brought up to Bogor before finally she arrived in Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi and stay for a few nights in Cisaat Police Office.

Cisaat police office facebook account which inform about where Devina is. She was picked up by a team of Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi to be brought back to Purwakarta. Now, Devina stay under the supervision of the head of SMAN I Campaka and starting her business pulse counters named "Evi Cell". (*)