23 Aug 17:16


Interfaith community consisting of leaders, congregations and students conducting "Botram Harmony", Monday (27/3) in Bale Paseban, Purwakarta Regency Hall, Gandanegara street No 25.

In the activities organized to celebrate Nyepi in 2017 (28/3) is presented various kinds of culinary such as Sate Maranggi , Tumpeng rice and fruits are decorated using coconut leaves.

Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi said that Botram is a common cultural traditions carried out by the archipelago moments ahead of the commemoration of the Religious.

According to him, the value of togetherness by sharing food is a tradition that should not be forgotten. He pointed out, in the Muslim tradition of the archipelago known as "Munggahan" filled with activities of eating together heading into the month of Ramadan.

"It's a form of preservation of tradition, if ahead of the big day usually share a meal. This is also done by the Muslim community when facing Ramadan and facing idul Fitri to share their food using "Rantang".

Meanwhile, Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB) said that "Botram Harmoni" has purpose to strengthen inter-religious harmony.

"Purwakarta is tolerant region to all people, these activities in order to establish the tolerance to inter-religious harmony more stable," said Chairman FKUB, KH Jhon Dien which is also the Chairman of the Task Force Tolerance Purwakarta.

Culinary Nusantara is a symbol of the diversity of cultural heritage. The value of diversity which is also the mandate of Pancasila that is trying to be transformed in this activity.

In addition to religious leaders and students, "Botram Harmony" is also attended by officials in the Government of Purwakarta.

Not only botram, ogoh-ogoh parade was seen enliven the protocol roads that received the Harmony Award from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. (*)