23 Aug 17:15


Regent's of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi requested to be a speaker in the event of Isro Mi'raj or in Sundanese tradition known as Rajaban in Mesjid Agung Ciwidey, Bandung Regency West Java, Tuesday (18/4).

The theme of Mother became the dominant discussion that Dedi presented in front of more than five thousand audiences. He recounts his mother's life experiences in educating him.

"Without a bachelor's degree, no college, no schooling, my mother educated me and my eight brothers until they all got a bachelor's degree, that's exactly what a mother's intelligence is," explained Dedi.

In life, we always underestimate people who have never attained higher education. Whereas the real smart person is someone who can educate her children even though without any formal education background.

Our old parents was succeed in teach their children till had good manner. It means they used deep feeling, heart, so that they near with Allah Swt. But now just look our children? Masya Allah, " Said Dedi softly. The atmosphere was sad because of Dedi's speech. Nenah (47) is one of the audience who looks cried while listening to the speaker. Nenah said that the speech of  Purwakarta Regent's made her remember her mother who had died a few years ago. "I remember my mother, my mother had to struggle to raise me and my two younger siblings," said Nenah. Nenah's memory recalls the story of her mother who was forced to become a farm laborer in order to become the backbone of the family. "That was exactly the same as Kang Dedi, my mother is also a farm laborer, that's why I became crying," he concluded. Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi attended the event because of the invitation of community leaders and administrators of the local mosque. He comes in a white shirt complete with black caps. (*)