23 Aug 17:14


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi hopes there is no difference in the purchase price of Fuel Oil or BBM at POM Mini with the price which already set by the Government at all gas stations in the regions. He expressed when giving a welcome speech in the inauguration of DPW Alliance of Indonesian Mini POM (APPMI) Entrepreneurs who took place at Bale Maya Datar, Saturday (10/6). In fact, Kang Dedi will send a letter to President Joko Widodo regarding his expectations. When he was  a teenager had worked as a motorcycle taxi driver admitted to feel the true benefits of the existence of POM Mini which is now scattered in small villages. "They are the casts of UMKM (Business Medium, Small, and Micro), the service directly felt by small communities, especially if we go into small areas. I think, the Government should be able to set the sale price, must be the same with gas stations, "explained Dedi. Dedi also hoped that the casts of UMKM who deals in the field of direct fuel distribution to the community has a legal law umbrella in running its business. So in the future, they can obtain legality from the Government. "We also ask for legal law umbrella for them. I think their role is extraordinary, providing access to fuel for areas that can not be accessed by gas stations directly. For example, in the future, Pertamina directly provide rations of fuel to them in small areas. This will affect the sale price, not only in Purwakarta but also in Indonesia, "he said. Dedi's idea appreciated by Chairman of the DPW APPMI West Java, Deden Dinar Mukti. According to him, organically and personally, the idea becomes the hope of UMKM Mini POM. During this time, the selling price is still determined from the difference in fuel purchases from gas stations with the profit to be taken by business actors in every liter of fuel they sell to the end consumer. "If it can be done, would be a breakthrough from the Government for us. We support this idea because there is no regulation of our pricing, we only calculate the difference for business profit, the maximum is Rp1000 from our purchase price from the nearest gas station, "said Deden. Even so related to the legal umbrella, Deden explained that so far the casts of UMKM POM Mini does not have clarity of status. In fact, according to him, the system, measurement and calibration as well as the accuracy of their machines are always checked routinely. (*)