27 Jul 01:40


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi was asked to be one of the speakers in the sarung Archipelago National Seminar organized by the Institute of Takmir Masjid (LTM) Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) on Thursday (6/4) at the NU office, Jalan Kramat Raya, Jakarta.

Man who are implementing policies to wear a sarong for officials and students on Fridays is also appear to be present wearing checkered sarong black and green complete with a black cap.

As known, Dedi Mulyadi is one of PCNU leaders in Purwakarta. Currently, he serves as Vice Chairman of the Organization and Regeneration of the organization that was inhabited by the kiai.

With two other speakers namely Kiai Agus Sunyoto and Prof. Imam Suprayogo, Dedi felt proud to be part of the Nahdhiyyin society. According to him, NU was the one who gave him the opportunity to learn about Islam completely without losing their own identity as Sundanese.

I could learn about Islam completely without having to leave my identity as Sundanese. So, I chose the paradise of NU, light, not heavy, "he said jokingly.

Related sarong, Dedi chose to connect with sundanese cosmology which tells the story of "Kasarung". Based on the story, Kasarung is heir to throne which faced so many obstacles before being appointed as leader.

In this context, the man who is also known as the Sundanese cultural observer said sarong has a function as a media for regeneration of  leadership. Because when someone wearing it, there are many rules that he should not be violated due to the use of the sarong.

Dedi also had split the "sarong" into two syllables. According to him, "sa" is a symbol of human desire with all the elements of creation consisting of soil, water, air and sun. The element of these material which according to him should be supported. This was reflected in the second syllable of "rung". If all elements of this material capable locked, then the element of human nature in man that the spirit will be stronger.

"All human greed that is reflected from the four elements must be locked up," he concluded closes.

After delivering the material related to sarong philosophy, Kiai Abdul Manan as the representative of the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama seen pinned the green sarong in Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi's neck as a symbol of command to maintain the values of NU's in West Java. (*)