21 Aug 04:11


Tuesday (11/4) 46 years ago Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi born. He was born in Subang, West Java. He also received the birthday greetings directly or via social media accounts from all citizens of Purwakarta and West Java. The famous comedian from Sunda, Sule also gave birthday greetings to Dedi while sent the song as a birthday present via Whatsapp Messenger. The lyrics in the Sundanese language told about Dedi's date of birth until the daily activity of him who always took care the society. "Sepi nu jempling, angin ngadalingding Nyaksian medal putra Ki Sunda 11th April 71 ragrag ka mandalawangi suratan takdir Ilahi, wastana Dedi Mulyadi Duh Kang Dedi, Anak Padesaan Duh Kang Dedi, lain pupulasan gemar becanda, duh kang Dedi pamingpin kiwari." That was a fragment of lyrics that are specifically created by Sule for the Dedi Mulyadi. Getting songs from famous comedians that is predicted will advance in the West Java governor election, Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi said thank you. He said the song is very "easy listening" so it is easy to memorize by himself. "Hatur Nuhun ka Kang Sule, Lagu dan musiknya enak, luar biasa, nuhun, nuhun," he said in Bale Indung Rahayu, KK Singawinata st, today. Dedi also said, in the tradition of his family there was no birthday celebration. This is because the background of himself. Dedi has a habbit in each 11th april to eating together with all janitor. He started this habbit since become the vice Regent of Purwakarta in 2003. Invited to eat with the number one figure in Purwakarta, the janitor was shocked. They suddenly had to stopped their activities because invited to eat together. "Shocked, suddenly i invinted by Kang Dedi to eat together. Alhamdulillah, Wilujeng tepang Kang Dedi, "said Asep (35), one janitor. (*)