23 Aug 17:16


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi suggests to the Supreme Audit Agency or BPK to have administrative units to manage the administration of financial aid that flows to elementary schools. The suggestion expressed by the man always wearing the black cap is not without reason. He looked the heads of elementary schools in Purwakarta were confused with the management of School Operational Assistance funds or BOS. "I often receive complaints from head of elementary school who always feel confused about BOS. They can not be blame because the heads only educate and teach, they do not really understand about financial analysis, "he said (6/6) at his official house  Gandanegara Street no 25, Purwakarta. Technically, according to him, BPK can make recommendations that the elementary schools need financial management units to cover daily performance. So the government can give respond by the placement of the professional Civil State Apparatus. "So far, junior high school and senior high school only. I think in elementary school is also very necessary, BPK make a recommendation to the government to be followed up, "he added. This way can minimize the jobdesk of the heads of elementary schools." I think, the heads should be focus on teaching and learning activities, teacher organization,etc "he said. This suggestion was delivered to the BPK of West Java when receiving a pledge of unqualified opinion with 10 other districts / cities in West Java BPKP office at Mohammad Toha Street, Bandung, Monday (5/6). The regent suggest that the position can be fill by esselon IV. "It should be equivalent to the administration of public health centers so that financial reporting can be more accountable," he concluded. (*)