21 Aug 04:13


Hajj pilgrims in Purwakarta do not have to worry about thinking of a vehicle to depart to the point of departure to Soekarno - Hatta Airport. The reason, the local district government to provide official vehicles to take and pick up all hajj pilgrims. Regular activities of Purwakarta regency every hajj season has been instructed by Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. Technically, hajj pilgrims will be picked up at their respective homes to the point of departure and drop off back to the house when it is finished performing the pilgrimage. "We prepare official vehicles owned by official and also mine," short Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi at his official residence Gandanegara Street No. 25 Purwakarta, Saturday (5/8) while rushing to his car. Based on the information, at least as many as official vehicles have been prepared to clamp each 4 pilgrims. All of these vehicles have been divided by region. "Everything 100 units, already divided per region, this is our routine activity," said Dedi added. The use of this official vehicle is part of the Purwakarta Government's efforts to provide service, security and comfort to the guest of God who will depart to the holy land. In addition, this activity aims to ease the burden of the congregation so that no need to rent a vehicle. "This is our service to the guests of Allah, they must get special attention, we want the sense of security and comfort can be fulfilled, they do not have to rent a vehicle," he said. In addition to shuttle service, Purwakarta Regency Government also provides subsidy of Rp1, 2 Million in the form of drugs, transportation from the point of departure to embarkation, as well as snacks and other facilities. If totaled, this subsidy reaches Rp1 Billion. Suhandi (50), one of pilgrims from Kiarapedes Sub-district when he was met at the point of departure of the congregation in Yon Armed, Sadang- Subang Street, felt the benefit of the program imposed by Purwakarta's Government. He thanked the local government for easing the burden. (*)