26 Sep 19:52


Chairman of the DKI Jakarta Religious Communities Communication Forum Kiai Ahmad Syafi'i Mufid appreciated the Purwakarta District Government's step that included a program of deepening the yellow book into the local public school's curriculum in the area. This statement he stressed on the sidelines of a meeting with Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi in the Hall of Bappeda Purwakarta on Tuesday (12/9). According to him, yellow book deepening program is a big step in strengthening the science of religion done by the Government of Purwakarta Regency by applying this policy in public schools. Because usually, the yellow book is only taught in Islamic boarding school. "This is a strategic step and appropriate step. There is a synergy between the patterns of education in public schools with the pattern of pesantren education. Very applicable, "explained Kiai Ahmad. Ahmad also complained about the pattern of religious teaching in public schools which still general and not specific. But thanks to the presence of yellow books in the curriculum, he believes the transfer of Islamic scholarship tradition can be immediately understood by Muslim students. "This integrated school exists, but it is usually managed by the private sector. This 'value' is incorporated into the curriculum so that it is integrated, I think it is easy to transfer the scholarship to the students, "he added.



This meeting was used by FKUB of DKI Jakarta Province to be discussed with Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi about the figure which by some circles considered to deviate and far from Islam. This issue recognized by Kiai Ahmad he got from social media. In fact, some information explicitly mentions that the man who has two periods led Purwakarta is included in the class of polytheists. "For the first time i thought that Dedi was creepy but I was wrong. His policy is very good. I make sure Dedi Mulyadi is not a polytheist, "he asserted. Several issues related to railways, trees wrapped in black and white cloth and the construction of various sculptures of wayang became the topic of the discussion religious figures in Jakarta "Everything we ask, we discuss, should not be directly judge, the tree is wrapped in cloth so as not to be nailed by the image installer, the train is often borrowed by the State Palace, about the statue is also a form of art," he concluded. (*)