26 Sep 19:47


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi will complete his term in 2018. During the two periods of leading the second smallest district in West Java, in addition to focusing on public services, Dedi also has a development focus on infrastructure. This could be showed by the budget policy of Purwakarta Local Government which always prioritizes infrastructure development in the form of district roads, environmental roads and bridges for the last 9 years since 2008. Head of Bina Marga and Pengairan Purwakarta Budi Supriadi when met today (16/5) in his office at Purnawarman st, explained in 2008 the budget of road infrastructure development in Purwakarta reached Rp100 Billion. This amount is in stark contrast with the budget value in previous year which only Rp22 Billion only. "Kang Dedi is very focused on the construction of road infrastructure, at the beginning, he directly budgeted Rp100 billion, previously Rp25 billion is already the greatest, in 2007 only Rp22 billion," said Budi.

The Rp100 billion figure according to Budi is only a minimal figure. In the next budget year, Dedi continues focus on road development in Purwakarta by adding budget periodically. "Instead of going down, it actually goes up every year. For Sukasari for example, it's Rp97 billion to open the subdistrict access that is long isolated, it is pure budget belongs to Purwakarta. Then the border area like Cihambulu Bridge in Subang, it has been finished, "he added. As a result, through a budget-focused policy arrangement in the field of infrastructure, Purwakarta Regency till now has spent a budget of Rp1 Trillion which makes the quality of roads in Purwakarta become steady as much as 90% more. "At first I did not believe it would work, it worked. Can be proved, today Road District segment increases, its stability reaches 90% more. Incredible, "added Budi. As known, Purwakarta opened the access road to Sukasari District, an isolated area for approximately 50 Years old due to Jatiluhur Reservoir construction. Community around, so far rely on water transportation that is less than the maximum to support the daily mobility. Not only that, but also the east ring road Purwakarta connecting the area in District Bungursari, Campaka, Wanayasa, until Bojong and Darangdan also built. Target in the end of the year 2017, the entire development can be completed properly. (*)