23 Aug 17:14


Dozens of representatives of Madrasah's Teachers of Tasikmalaya City on Thursday (20/4) visited Puwakarta's regent office in Gandanegara st  No 25. The aim of their arrival was the discussion and tabayyun about Sundanese culture which became the development philosophy in Purwakarta.

During this time, the Madrasah's teachers admitted that they knew the Purwakarta's regent from social media. Therefore, a direct meeting with Dedi Mulyadi is considered necessary for news about the Dedi's program in Purwakarta can be clarified directly.

After the meeting, the Chairman of Teachers Association Madrasah (PGM) Tasikmalaya, Asep Rizal Ashari said that  since entering the  Purwakarta's Regent office, he felt comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. Moreover, the government office building was deliberately designed by using the architecture of Sunda. Information about the Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi is a person who has insight Suspicion as well as having a philanthropic attitude was recognized by Asep has been confirmed by this meeting.

"Firstly, I feel the atmosphere of a comfortable environment here, shady and artistic. This can be an innovation space for us as Madrasah's Teachers. Then, Kang Dedi is very open person, low profile, nice to talk to. Just now we were talked about education and all about sundanese culture. Alhamdulillah, be a motivation for us, "said Asep.

Dedi was assessed by Asep, has a high concern for the program based on Islam. This is evidenced by the policy of learning Kitab Kuning organized by public schools in Purwakarta. In addition, the application of Islamic Culture policy was also considered effective in the form of a policy of using sarung for employees and students in every Friday.

"I prove here that the info shared by Kang Dedi in his social media is true, maybe people who give negative comment do not understand. We feel embraced by him, "he said.

Asep also claimed to follow up the results of this meeting in Madrasah's Teacher Festival which will be held in early May in Tasikmalaya City. He also had asserted no worries if there is assumption that its activity is a political activity. In the meeting, Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi conveyed the importance of understanding the teachings of Islam and the philosophy of sundanese. Both of them, according to him, have a good environmental management laws.

"Mun teu ngagem Islam jeung ngagem Sunda, Pasti manggih balai (If not stick to the teachings of Islam and Sundanese must get disaster. Red). Landslide, flood, disease, environmental damage. This is the goal of human creation by God, "said Dedi. (*)