26 Sep 19:55


The regent of Purwakarta, Dedi Mulyadi checking the KIR test service unit in Department of transportation after capture hand operation which is catch two person of ASN. Dedi stopping the several vehicle and redirecting it to be checked KIR test the feasibility of these vehicles to be used. Based on the observation, some vehicles such as the mini bus, public transportation and pickup are following the directions of Dedi. Upon entering the area KIR test, the vehicle is immediately handled by a new officer because the old officer has been released by the Department of Transportation. Dedi ask, if we found vehicles that are not roadworthy to immediately grounded and rejuvenated by the owner of the vehicle. He also appealed to vehicle owners willing to accept the consequences of failure KIR test conducted by relevant agencies. In addition to expecting a commitment from the owner of the vehicle, Dedi also asked for the full commitment of all institutions associated with transport. According to him, this is important in order to create security and comfort for the users of transport, particularly public transport and freight transport. "Not only the owner of the vehicle but also all stakeholders should be consistently follow the rules in this KIR test, let users transport or road users feel safe on the streets," he said. Based on data in Purwakarta District Department of Transportation, as many as 70% of freight in Purwakarta declared not roadworthy. So it can be declared illegal to pass on the highway. This condition is exacerbated by a lack of awareness of vehicle owners to do the KIR test. "When it comes to the data, 70% of freight in Purwakarta is not roadworthy, the vehicle owner does not have the awareness to do the KIR test, we immediately do the operation in accordance with the direction of the regent," said Head of Department Transportation Purwakarta, Saepudin. Among the vehicles that are not roadworthy vehicle belonging to Ridwan (45), micro bus type vehicle which he used daily as a public transport Plered - Cikampek had been long time not tested KIR. According to the rules, should a vehicle KIR test conducted with a frequency of twice a year at the rate for new vehicles amounted to Rp92 thousand, while the KIR test periodically at Rp42 thousand. (*)