30 Apr 10:25


The arrival of the Chief of  West Java police Irjend Pol Anton Charliyan to Purwakarta was not only in order to establish a relationship with Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi but also observed "alak-Ilik" or to watch the results of that development has been successfully performed in the second smallest district in West Java.


Anton accompanied by Purwakarta's Regent and Chief of Purwakarta Police Hanny Hidayat Thursday (6/4) saw two digital dioramas that tell about the history of  sundanese and archipelago. Both of dioramas are located at KK Singawinata st Purwakarta.


Anton gave a complement for the dioramas after looked around. He was amazed over the development process has been done in Purwakarta. Two things that became the spotlight of Anton at that night. Those are the philosophy of sundanese with the shopisticated of  technology featuring informative historical value.


"The diorama museum is very unique and special. I guess there should be an inspiration for other regional heads, they should not hesitate to come to Purwakarta. Kang Dedi had delivered would be police Diorama in Purwakarta, I still expect more sophisticated than the Police Museum in Jakarta, "said Anton.


Anton also said, in addition to focus on the aspects of utility or usability, product development produced by the head of the region also must uphold the aesthetic value. Thus, the element of knowledge and art can be combined in a dish that is not boring information.


"We must be honest, this kind of program should be followed so that the entire region can be mutually reinforcing and advancing. Creative and innovative leadership that can also produce aesthetically products , "he added.


The same compliment said by Anton after watching the Sri Baduga Fountain Show. Concerning the fountain, he said that the performance he had just witnessed was not regional standard but International standard.


Got so many of compliment from the chief of  West Java police , Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi said thank you. He said that what he did in Purwakarta just a devotion as son of  Sunda.


"Thank you very much for the Mr. Anton.  This was a supplement for me to keep the spirit of the work, because it is my duty as the Sundanese to act like this. Alhamdulillah, if successfully received by everyone, "he concluded. (*)