26 Sep 19:51


The interfaith life that has been tolerant in Purwakarta attracted the Forum of Religious Harmony (FKUB) of DKI Jakarta Province to conduct research and comparative study. Today, Tuesday (12/9) FKUB delegation visited Purwakarta and was received directly by the FKUB Board of Purwakarta Regency accompanied by Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi at his official residence, Gandanegara Street No. 25. Chairman of FKUB DKI Jakarta Kiai Ahmad Syafi'i Mufid said that he knows the index of diversity and tolerance in Purwakarta high enough. On this basis, it brings the board to build a blue print of tolerance life among religious communities in Jakarta. "Cultural programs that have been there in Purwakarta have managed to create a high tolerance atmosphere. We came here to study it, to be implemented in Jakarta, "he explained after the meeting. Kiai Ahmad added, the positive atmosphere in Purwakarta is inversely proportional to the life of tolerance that is happening in Purwakarta. According to him, the tolerance index in the largest province in Indonesia is low in Indonesia. "I am surprise because in the middle of the West Java rank is very low in building a life of tolerance, there is Purwakarta which has a high level of religious harmony. We convey what we can in Purwakarta in FKUB Jakarta later, "he added. In the same place, Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi explain the pattern of mental and spiritual development that he has been doing in Purwakarta. This pattern he believes has been succeeded in establishing a system of religious harmony in the district that has two periods he leads. "We strengthen the lessons of Religion in school through the deepening of the Book of the Yellow, the Book of the Qur'an and other Books in accordance with the teachings of Religion of the students, the space for every religious worship at school we awake," he explained. Improving the atmosphere of religious harmony in Purwakarta is also reflected in the improvement of facilities and pre-worship facilities, increasing the number of santri including teachers of religion who teach in public schools. For Religious Teachers who teach in public schools, the Government of Purwakarta Regency has also budgeted the welfare of teachers from the Purwakarta Regional Budget (APBD). "We also give honorarium to the teachers who are specifically contracted by the Local Government, outside the Religious Teachers who already exist each school yes," said Dedi. (*)