26 Sep 19:57


Various policies has been translated into technical programs in Purwakarta. Now, the people of Purwakarta have started to feel the positive impact of the program initiated by Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi.

Aa Suparman (50) and Siti Fatimah (41), the couple with 13 children who live in Malangnengah Wetan, Nagri Tengah Subdistrict, Purwakarta district feel the benefits of the program starting from the program bring lunch to school, rice perelek, enter the class at 6.00 am till free education.

Aa Suparman who is familiarly called Parman said, before the implementation of the program brings provision to the school for students, their children often whining for money before leaving for school. It made him confuse because his income as an electronic equipment service providers are not enough for his children. "The most difficult is the business of snack, if there is Rp10 thousand, how much should be divided?  since there is a policy by Kang Dedi, I just say to the children, do not allow to buy snacks, the Regent must be angry," said Parman at his house, Wednesday (10 / 5). Parman claimed that he helped by the rice program which has long been rolled out by Dedi Mulyadi. The ration of rice produced by the community is able to be handed over by the local urban village officials. "For rice stock there is usually a distribution of perelek rice, delivered directly, it is very helpful at all," he added. Another program that makes Parman's life burden decreases is attending school at 06.00 WIB. In addition to making his children diligent to wake up early. So his children can go to school by walking.  He did not have to borrow his  neighbor's motorcycle to deliver children to school. Parman and his family had been visited by the Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi on (7/5). During the meeting, Dedi requested that Parman join the Family Planning Program. Siti Fatimah, wife of Parman, said that she had joined Family Planning Program. However, she claimed that she always stress afterwards. The family planning program  types of injections and pills, she admitted that she had ever tried. Now I want to try another kind of KB," said Fatimah.

The condition of the couple's children who lived in a rented house measuring 4x6 was invited click amazed by the Regent. The reason, they look clean and healthy despite living in a lack of atmosphere. "I applaud to Mr. Parman, many children but they are all clean and healthy, stay ahead, we help them to stay in a proper place, Mr. Parman we also provide capital assistance for electronic service business that he wrestled," said Dedi. (*)