26 Sep 19:53


The junior high school students in Purwakarta on Thursday (7/9) simultaneously brought one glass of rice to be handed over to the students and the needy residents who live around the school. This action was carried out following the 'Poe Welas Asih' Program or Compassion Day initiated by the Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. When found in SMPN 5 Purwakarta designated as a pilot school of this program, Dedi said that this action has long-term coverage and is not a sporadic program. Therefore, there is supervision from the school as well as the elements of employees for the implementation of this activity on an ongoing basis. "Spreading the affection should not be limited to space and time. This means the program is not sporadic but continuous. There is no limit, it means all levels feel the program, "explained Dedi. In SMPN 5 Purwakarta itself, managed to collect as much as one quintal of rice. Students appear to be gathered in the field to be divided into several groups and distribute the rice in addition to fellow students who need and also to residents who live around the school. Rangga (14), one of the Class IX students at the school, said he felt motivated to join the program because he could learn to give to others in need. This real action is immediately felt by the students and the surrounding community. An orphaned student named Saifullah (14) belongs to a group of students who receive this 'compassionate rice'. The teenagers who daily herd the goats of his neighbors was happy receiving 3 sheep and one ram from Purwakarta's Regent.  "Alhamdulillah I earned a lot today, "he said. Mak Karsih (65), an elderly widow who lives behind SMPN 5 Purwakarta also received rice aid which was handed over by the student at the school and delivered by one of the teachers.