26 Sep 19:53



The TNI members who have an office at the 0619 District Military Command in KK Singawinata Street Purwakarta since Friday (24/3) morning look busy. They build the roof of julang ngapak that characterizes the identity of Sundanese building.


0619 Purwakarta District Military Commander Lt. Col. (Inf) Arie Depria Maulana said that the office building will be a model for other offices in western Java. It is based on the command of the Regional Military Commander III Siliwangi Major General M Herindra in order to change the architecture of the Kodim office located at his territory to be sundanese architecture.


Although modified in sundanese style, he claimed would not eliminate the hallmark of the Army in the building. Shades of green still will exist in his office. The difference, according to him, the feel of sundanese will be more dominant.


Aside from being the office, the building was due to be projected as Diorama Siliwangi Struggle. In the diorama will be show the struggle of Siliwangi Division troops in the War of Independence and maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia.



Earlier, following up where "Maung Lucu " at the Military Command in District Cisewu Garut, Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi audience with the Commander III Siliwangi in Makodam III, Jalan Aceh Bandung.


He received the blessing of Commander III Siliwangi in addition to replacing the tiger statue at Kodim and Koramil in Purwakarta, also to change the entire office in order to have a sundanese identity.


“it’s just a suggestion that the District Military Command should have strong tiger statue and office with sundanese style.,"  (*)