27 Jun 17:25


Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi responded casually to the issues related to the the debt of Purwakarta Government to the Bayu Asih Regional Hospital (RSBA). The man who always wearing the black cap admitted that he is happy because it has a debt with large amounts. "Yes we have a debt, I admit that Purwakarta has a debt to Bayu Asih hospital," said Dedi after attending the inauguration of DPW Alliance of Entrepreneurs POM Mini Indonesia in Bale Maya Datar, Gandanegara st No. 25, Saturday (10/6), this afternoon. Dedi acknowledged, the debt is already known by the State Audit Board or BPK and has been listed as debt of Purwakarta regency. The BPK is also known to have confirmed that the debt is not a problem, as long as the government have good faith to make payment. Based on the information, the debt arises from the obligation of Purwakarta Government to pay for the Public Health Insurance of Purwakarta Istimewa or JAMPIS, an insurance scheme belonging to Purwakarta regency that can be used by the poor to get access to free health care in the hospital. Dedi himself was happy because the debt owned by the government he led this arise due to excellent health services provided by the regency for the community. So according to him, this is a reflection of the commitment of the Government of Purwakarta Regency to provide the best health services for the community. "I'm just happy because the local government owes money for the benefit of the community, is not there a problem, it's the former debt to pay for the sick, rather than the debts used by employees, right?," he said jokingly. The debt amounting to Rp30 billion, according to Dedi, will be processed in the middle of 2017, following hospital bills that appear during January to June 2017. So it is expected the end of 2017, Purwakarta regency no longer have arrears. "That arrears in 2016. Me and my staff have counted and Insha Allah soon be settled. The delay of this payment is due to our target revenue is not achieved, "he concluded. The same thing was expressed by the Secretary of the Regional Finance and Asset Agency, Norman Nugraha. He said that the gradual payment will be made based on factual verification of the filing documents conducted by the Health Office of Purwakarta Regency as the leading sector. "Every month we pay in stages. We are optimistic to be finished, "in short. Purwakarta regency itself has budgeted funds amounting to Rp40 billion to cover the cost of treating the community treated by using JAMPIS. Purwakarta Regency has cooperated with 11 state-owned and private hospitals for the provision of free health care for these residents. (*)