21 Aug 04:13


The granddaughter of the Proclaimers of Indonesia Soekarno, Puti Guntur Soekarno Putri became the guest of honor in the breaking of MURI Record of Perelek Rice, Friday (4/7) in Purwakarta. The parade which became the symbol of the second principle of Pancasila, the Justice and Civilized Humanity was opened directly by the Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi at the roundabout of Statue of Egrang, Jenderal Sudirman Street Purwakarta. Puti wearing black and white shirts appeared to accompany Dedi who also wore the same nuances clothing while giving the opening speech in order to commemorate the anniversary of Purwakarta 186 and 49th anniversary of the District. The purpose of this activity is explained by the Bupati who was leading Purwakarta for the second period. He said that Rice Perelek has a strategic function to alleviate the use of Rice and Prosperous Rice which has been consumed by the poor. "Today, there is Mrs. Puti here, she is the granddaughter of Bung Karno, the initiator of the teachings of the allegiance to the weak called Marhaenism. This is what we did in Purwakarta, "explained Dedi. Starting on August 17, 2017, the targets no longer low quality rice consumed by citizens because it has been replaced with Rice Perelek. From the concept of Rice Perelek daily collected one glass then create the concept of Bank Rice then make ATM Rice which today has spread in village offices in Purwakarta.

Dedi's way in building public participation for the eradication of lack of food received praise from Puti Guntur Soekarno Putri. She said that, in fact, it is a true practice of Pancasila and an active form of collaboration between government and society. "It's a good moment, Pancasila successfully applied in Purwakarta, a form of mutual cooperation between the government and the community. I think it's good, "she said. MURI record-breaking activity involves participants more than 50 thousand people consisting of elements of employees, community, organizations, etc. Netizen of Purwakarta also had a positive response to the activity by enlivening the hashtag # MURI4PerelekPurwakarta and become the Indonesia trending topic for several hours. (*)