21 Aug 04:13


Carnival of the second principle of Pancasila in Purwakarta Anniversary Commemoration 186 and 49th Anniversary District titled "Ngarak Beas Perelek" was remarkable. Indonesian Record Museum noted, as many as 53,918 people together bring rice entered into the bamboo. This number adds to the record that has been earned by the famous district of Sri Baduga Fountain Park to be eleven record. This is expressed by representatives of Indonesian Record Museum, Awan Rahardjo , Friday (4/8) night on the sidelines of setting a record, on the main stage of the carnival, RE Martadinata Street Purwakarta. "A new history for Indonesia is also the World, 53,918 people are simultaneously carrying bamboo containing rice. This is the eleventh record for Purwakarta, "explained him. This record, said Awan is quite unique considering some things that become a special assessment of MURI. In addition based on culture in West Java, this record is also created the spirit of the eradication of the use of Rice Prosperous (Rastra) by Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. "This record is unique, the inspiration of the cultural behavior of people of West Java, also departed from the desire for Purwakarta people to consume decent rice. Incredible I think, "said the Senior Manager of MURI. The thing expressed by Awan is the Purwakarta Government's goal in organizing the carnival on Anniversary. The target, on August 17, 2017, the entire community Purwakarta already fulfilled the needs of rice with the consumption of premium rice from the descendents of the community capable of being incorporated into the ATM Rice. "This combination of tradition and technology, perelek is the tradition of West Java, ATM Rice is technology products. In addition to this form of practice of the second principle of Pancasila, "said Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. The event that took place since 07:30 pm is also filled by a colossal dance that symbolizes Nyi Pohaci, symbol of prosperity of West Java based on folklore. After the dance was finished, the participants started to walk away from the opening place on Jenderal Sudirman Street to finish point at RE Martadinata Street. In addition, indigenous communities from various regions in West Java were also invited by the event organizers to follow this carnival. One of them, Ciptagelar indigenous people, Sukabumi known to have a strong food security with rice reserves that can be used as supplies for the next few years. (*)