27 Jul 01:35


A total of 15 vehicles micro buses provided by the Government of Purwakarta to drive students to school.  Dedi Mulyadi gives the name 'Kidang Kencana' has been operated since Monday (23/1) the day before yesterday in the area that has no public transport.

Kidang Kencana is free for Purwakarta’s student.  They only have to waiting on the bus. The Kidang Kencana is a follow up program where the students of Purwakarta are forbid to bring a car or motorcycle to school ," said Purwakarta’s Regent Dedi Mulyadi today ( 25/1) when inspecting the fleet 'Kidang Kencana' in District Sukasari, Purwakarta.

The driver of 'Kidang Kencana' is difference with another public transportation because Kidang Kencana will be operated by the drivers who is a members of TNI in the local Koramil.
It is aimed to create ideology of Pancasila for students. During the trip, students will be given a briefing on the national values by members of the TNI.
"The driver TNI members, so that they inculcate nationalism and patriotism to students during the ride to school," said Dedi.

'Kidang Kencana' began operating at 05.00 am every day at the meeting point. During the day, micro air-conditioned buses will pick up students from their respective schools.
"Hours of operation adapted to school hours, because in Purwakarta enter school at 06.00 am, then Kidang Kencana was on stand by from 05.00 am in the morning, at noon to pick up students to school," he added.

Long-term solution for the enforcement of legislation prohibiting carrying motor vehicles for the student, the local district government will open the route of public transport to areas that already have adequate infrastructure such as Sukasari Distric.
" In (Sukasari) the route for public transport linking Plered, Maniis, until Sukasari until Loji Karawang," we will open later he concluded.

The area that has been passed by the 'Kidang Kencana' including the District of Sukasari, most of the District of Bojong, District Bojong, most of the District of Campaka and District Cibatu. Rp 6 billion has been disbursed by the local district government for the procurement of these micro bus. (*)