25 Sep 20:24


During 2016, the Government of Purwakarta has cracked at least 21 people Apparatus State Civil applying disciplinary sanctions as a result of the attitude that they do. Of the ASN 21, 16 of them to get sanctions in the form of dismissal, while 5 other ASNs must be willing deferred promotions. This strict sanctions imposed by the local Regional Employment Board for misconduct ASN does not heed the development efforts undertaken 5 times warning. "We apply sanctions in accordance with Regulation No 53 of 2010. Measures coaching we've done before sanction of dismissal, we give verbal warning, then a written warning, if within 46 days were also ignored, we were forced to fire in disgrace, ' Head of Human Resources firm Purwakarta Regency, Ruslan Suganda when met today afternoon, Tuesday (31/1) at its office in Jalan Veteran Purwakarta. Related to two persons affected ASN Capture Hand operation or OTT in the Purwakarta District Department of Transportation, Ruslan explained, it has to wait for the result of a court decision. From the results, we can know whether their actions related to the abuse of office or not. "Clearly we are waiting for a court decision, if the sign of corruption of course we just fired, because according to the rules, employees who stumble corruption, drugs or terrorists should be immediately dismissed," added Ruslan. In addition to a variety of disciplinary cases that plagued the ASN in Purwakarta, Ruslan also briefly describes all the 2016 cases of divorce involving 35 people ASN. This number increased compared to the previous year, which averaged only 30 cases of divorce. "If the disciplinary cases decreased from year to year, probably because we consistently imposed sanctions, it increased the cases of divorce, usually an average of 30 cases but during 2016 there were 35 cases," he said back. Not only firmly in the imposition of sanctions, purwakarta’s government also appreciate the performance ASNs who served in the region. This proves the mechanism of reward and punishment in this region is run well. Evidently, throughout 2016, 7 people ASN gain promotion into promotion echelon II, 34 ASN riding position, becomes echelon III and 70 other ASN gain promotion into echelon IV. (*)