25 Sep 20:32


The development concept is based on the character of the area has become the pattern of development in Purwakarta, after successfully opening the west line with build the road infrastructure of Cikaobandung Jatiluhur across Sukasari towards Karung Mount in Maniis, now Purwakarta Regent preparing to make Sukasari as the Special Zone of Tourism.

Jatiluhur lake will serve as an icon by the local government as the water travel through development schemes' Wisata  Kampung Air Mbah Jawer ", the name is taken from the folklore of the local community who believe the largest artificial lake in Indonesia was inhabited by the 'ancestor' named Mbah Jawer. "We set the area into a special economic zone for tourism, the regulation is ready," said Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi at his official residence in Gandanegara street No 25.

Some of the development program being prepared by Dedi, those are he was create the tourism education and training programs for the local communities so that the development of the tourism sector is proportional to providing jobs. "We submit the management to the local community, their sense of belonging to the place is high, so they would be much more concern in treatment," he added.

The water village will be consist of 40 houses were floating in a Jatiluhur lake, there is traditional culinary tour and contemporary combined with the natural landscape of Jatiluhur and Sukasari. Boats tours can be enjoyed by the tourists for surrounding the lake. The architect of this lake is Ir H Juanda from Tasikmalaya.

"Sukasari has a special bamboo, so the floating houses would be made from bamboo, we prepare our technology to make the bamboo durable, so much can be done, from the culinary to travel around the lake by boat," he said.

He admitted that one of the government-owned banks have been preparing for the development of the region. He hoped that local people can actively participate in the program which he believes will improve the welfare of the community.  The target areas of this program are Kutamanah village, Kertamanah village and  Parang gombong village. (*)