21 Aug 04:10


A total of nine countries will take part in the World Martial Arts event to be held on Friday (21/4) in the area of the Sri Baduga Fountain Park Purwakarta, KK Singawinata st. The event which was held for the second time in Purwakarta will present martial arts attractions from all participating countries, accompanied by the exotic nuance of the largest fountain show in Southeast Asia.

Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi has expectations related to the implementation of this activity. When met on Thursday (20/4) at Bale Nagri,Dedi said that to make Pencak Sillat as a martial art work for the nation's children famous internationally.

"The theme is Pencak Silat Mendunia, we want to encourage Pencak Silat as Indonesia martial arts treasures recognized by the whole world," he said.

Dedi also explain the meaning of the word "Pencak" in Pencak Silat. According to him, Pencak comes from the word "Panca" which is interpreted as the five philosophies that must be held by the warriors. The five philosophies are self-surrender to God, respect each other, love the fatherland, perseverance and spirit of brotherhood rising.

"So it is not fight, but the warriors must have that philosophy," he said.

West Java and Purwakarta has a special variant of Pencak Silat. West Java has a kind of Pencak Silat from Garut and Pangandaran already known, while Purwakarta has the stance Paleredan and Syahbandar from Wanayasa, the southern area of Purwakarta.

"They will be shown during the event, we prepare the stage for their performance art. Later there are also martial arts taekwondo performed by pesantren's children, "said Dedi.

The event, hosted by the Youth and Sports Department of Tourism and Culture, will be enlivened by the appearance of former World Boxing Champion Chris John. Zaskia Gothicalso known to have been confirmed will also enliven the event. (*)