26 Sep 19:46


Mak Karsih (79) the resident of Selabaya Village, Sawah Kulon, Pasawahan district, Purwakarta must pass her old age alone. The elderly woman lives in a very small house measuring 3x4 meters. However, Mak Karsih did not felt confused to fulfill her daily needs. She belongs to a row of elderly grandparents who are cared by Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. The name of Mother Care Program, the foster children are required to provide incentives for Mother Foster adjusted to the ability of their own foster children, at least Rp300 thousand per month. Based on Mak Karsih's confession, she felt helped by the existence of this program. The money usually she used to buy side dishes every day. As for rice, she got it from a perelek rice program distributed free of charge by local village officials. The rice was collected from citizens who can afford as much as one glass of rice per week. "I never feel hard to fulfill my daily needs, I can buy something to eat, " express Mak Karsih, Monday (15/5) at his home. Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi when asked via telephone said that the program  will continue to exist and to cover the needs of elderly parents, especially mothers who lived alone. Till now, He claimed that there is 12 thousand Mothers Foster. The needs of these mothers foster are covered by employees ranging from esselon II to IV,  head of villages, community leaders to the Regents of Purwakarta itself. In fact, He claimed to have taken care of as many as 100 old widows.

"The program is Alhamdulillah still running. In the future, perelek rice can be replaced rastra rice , so they can consume perelek rice which has better quality "he said. Dedi also briefly related to the philosophy of the implementation of the two types of social safety net program. According to him, the State must be present in the policies that apply to cover the needs of the weak economic community. "Yes everything must be considered, no one should be neglected, it has become a state obligation", he concluded. (*)