26 Sep 19:57


In celebrating Purwakarta Regency Anniversary 49th and Purwakarta 186th, the local government makes all the contents in Pancasila become the theme of carnival which will be held in every Friday night. As tonight Friday (28/7), Purwakarta people filled the Sudirman Street to RE Martadinata Street to watch the first precept of Pancasila carnival entitled "Parade of Religious Tolerance". This first carnival was inspired from the first precept, Believe in the one supreme God. Based on the observation, the group of all religious people from Islam, Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Khong Hu Cu pass the protocol streets in the regency. All students in Purwakarta are required to compile their respective religious books and provide houses of worship in accordance with their religious teachings and beliefs. This parade activity was immediately opened by Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi who also participated in a parade attended by thousands of participants. The participants seemed to like each of them. This further adds to the cool atmosphere in these activities. This activity run well, safely and orderly until the end of the event. "The first carnival is the first symbol of Pancasila precisely. Our next sequence will be the carnival-inspired title of the second, third, fourth and the last routine every Friday night," explained Dedi. The theme of Pancasila was chosen by Dedi to show the public in Purwakarta, Pancasila is not only an academic obligation that must be learned in school lessons. Rather according to him, Pancasila live and applied in daily Purwakarta residents.

"We are in Purwakarta want to show the value of Pancasila is really practiced by Purwakarta residents," he added. This activity is admirable not only from the participants as well as from the citizens who attended. One of the participant coordinators, Rev. Purwakarta Holy Cross Catholic Priest, Paulinus Widjaya said that the activities become the embodiment of a sense of tolerance that has been nurtured in Purwakarta. "It is remarkable, this is a manifestation of a spirit of good tolerance." Peace between people is also well preserved in Purwakarta, "he said. Meanwhile, one of Purwakarta residents, Puteri (21) made this activity as a research laboratory of scientific work that he was making. State college student in Bandung was admitted to feel helpful because no difficulty in finding the phenomenon of tolerance that became the topic of his research. "There are college assignments on campus, if looking around the campus is difficult, so go back to Purwakarta to see this carnival, so it's not hard to find a case study guide, there is all here the material," she concluded. (*)