26 Sep 19:52



Engkos (40) with his wife, Erna (30), resident of RT 04/01 Nanggorak, Sindangsari village, Plered Purwakarta live in shacks made of bamboo chamber measuring 2.5 x 2 meters. Ironically, the land is from villagers donation.


All activities carried out in the small hut.  This condition is exacerbated by the bankruptcy experienced by Engkos in the business of selling cow legs and head he used to do everyday. Practically, he is jobless. Sometimes they eat given by the neighbors who feel sorry, " said Engkos in his meeting with Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi, Thursday (30/3) at the Plaza Hotel, Kawasan Kota Bukit Indah City Purwakarta.


Engkos came with his wife to the Plaza Hotel to lunch with Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi. That was relaxed moment. The Regent Dedi order a steak meal for Engkos and his wife.


Both of them seemed embarrassed when going to eat foods that are fairly rare they eat. Menwhile the Purwakarta's Regent slice the meat for them. Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi said that he already asked the Head of Sindangsari Village Plered Purwakarta to find land that can be used to built house for Engkos.


"We have a capital of Rp 3 million so that he can begin a business selling cattle head and legs. Before the business run, we give first Rp2 million per month first for daily needs. We also find out the land to build their house. If we had, we give Rp15 million to build houses, " said Dedi.


Engkos felt happy earned helped by the Goverment of Purwakarta his face looked like emotional. "Thank God, I would like to say thank you," said Engkos. (*)