26 Sep 19:49


The last moments before back to the country used by the Regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi to visit the historical places in Islamic civilization. As known, Dedi with his family and his teachers do the Umroh Worship in the Holy Land of Mecca. Arriving at Hira Cave, where the Prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelation, on Wednesday (17/5), Dedi claimed feel a real reflection of the struggle of the last Prophet and the Apostle in building Islamic civilization. To reach a cave that can only be used for one person, it takes approximately 2 hours to climb the road with hilly contours on the hill known as Jabal Nuur. By telephone, Dedi Mulyadi said at least get three lessons that he picked up while undergoing contemplation in the cave. He said, Cave Hira is a place that became the beginning of the systematic teachings of Islam. Because of historical facts, it is here that Rasulullah SAW received the first revelation of Surat al 'Alaq verses 1- 5. "The systematic teachings of Islam that originated from here, descended through Surat al 'Alaq," short Dedi. Dedi who visited the Hira Cave in Sundanese clothing complete with his iket also asserted, the first revelation of the Prophet Muhammad SAW became the momentum of the awakening of Science for mankind. "Iqra, read it. It's a command to explore Science with a reading methodology, "he continued.

In addition to these two things. According to Dedi, Hira cave is a symbol of human struggle and hard work, in this case the Prophet Muhammad, to reach the direction of Allah SWT for his people. "It's a symbol of the struggle of a perfect human figure to get directions. For those who miss the figure of the Prophet SAW, please visit here "he concluded.

In front of Hira Cave, Dedi did the sunna prayer by facing directly to the Baitullah. From the top of Jabal Nuur hill, the glow of light from the Harom Mosque in Mecca, is clearly visible.