21 Aug 04:12


The Deepening Yellow Book program that applied in the local curriculum in all schools in the District of Purwakarta gain an appreciation of the nahdhiyin's citizens. The program will be adopted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia is also appreciated by the Central Board of Nahdlatul Ulama in Jakarta.

The appreciation expressed by the Chairman of the Coordination Council of the National Guard of the Nation, Cucun Syamsurizal on the sidelines of the opening ceremony Musabaqoh Qiro'atul Pole held Sunday (16/4) in Bale Maya Datar, Purwakarta District Secretariat Complex, Gandanegara st No 25.

Cucun, the Secretary of the PKB DPR RI calls the program initiated by Dedi Mulyadi's idea is something new in Indonesia. Therefore, Kang Dedi appropriately referred to as Master Nations for successfully applying the concept of boarding schools into the public education in the whole school.

"The students in Indonesia should make Kang Dedi as a Nation Teacher. His concept on maintenance of the teachings in the yellow book appreciated by the students. This event also had a similar atmosphere in East Java. If we had had the Yellow Book program Goes to Campus, Kang Dedi is successfully making the Yellow Book Goes to Hall. That's why, Kang Dedi must join us as a speaker about the deepening of Yellow Book, "explains Cucun.

Yellow Book was the crucial points had been discussed by Cucun, according to him, if there are students who mock and ridicule others, it can be ensured that their study about the deepening of yellow book unfinished yet.

"If there are students who still scoff at others, I am sure it was boarded and their study about Qur'an unfinished yet. For students who completed their knowledge about Qur'an would definitely rethink whatever they going to do, "he added.

Besides to enrich the wealth of Islamic thought of purwakarta's students, the deepening of yellow book  program, according to Purwakarta's Regent Dedi Mulyadi also aims to align between the baording school graduates with general education graduates. This objective is motivated by a stigma in the community, that the graduates of boarding school could not contribute to advancing the surrounding community.

"Today there are inequities, graduates of the boarding school considered could not do anything. I think this opinion is wrong, then I prove to recruit 526 yellow book teacher graduates of the boarding schools, they are same with college graduates because they can teach at the school too, "added Dedi.

On this occasion, Dedi plans to make a similar Musabaqoh of West Java. He prepare Gift Umrah  for students who successfully won a race in every category. The same gift he'd prepared for 4 students and one main judge in Musabaqoh Tilawatil Pole followed by the students in Purwakarta today. (*)